Exclusive New Products Now Available

SFC13105 - Blue Mines to Gold Wave King with Blue Pistils - 10 Shot Slice
Blue Mines to Gold Wave King with Blue Pistils
Red Fish with White Strobe Mines

Our latest products are now available, please contact the team by email if you’d like more information or to place an order.

Why not also have a look on facebook and browse through our product videos, more will be posted in the coming weeks.

And if you want to see our products lighting up the sky, here is a stunning display in London by our good friends Sirotechnics Fireworks.

This show used many of the new exclusive EEI products, we hope you enjoy watching it.

EEI Videos by Product Category

This next video clip is from the UK National Fireworks Championships in Plymouth. In August 2019 previous winners showcased their best designs to compete for the title Champion of Champions.

The winning show from Selstar Fireworks included this stunning final sequence using EEI Brocade Crown with White Strobe Pistil Shells.

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